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Ongoing Research Projects

Particpatory Action Research - Amish and Nurses on Burn Care Study

RFH is working as a consultant on a project in Ohio - Amish Burn Treatment Project.  Amish burn caregivers known as dressers in Holmes and Wayne counties use a treatment called Burns & Wounds Ointment (B&W ointment) with burdock leaves as a non-adherent dressing for first, second, and minimal third degree burns.  They are collaborating with a hospital in Millersburg OH to treat burns in the emergency department, at home, or in hospital if necessary.  Registred nurses assess the patients' vital signs, track pain scores, and healing times, as well as observe for infections.  The effects of the B&W/burdock leaf dressing are being scientifically investigated by this team.  RFH provides instruction and direction on research design, measurement tools, data analysis, manuscript and presentation preparation.

Infertility and Psychological Distress among Malian Women

In many African countries a woman who cannot get pregnant is considered a second class citizen. She is stigmatized, ridiculed, and can be divorced by her husband. She lives with psychological distress and shame on a daily basis. Malian women have an average of 6 pregnancies. But about 2% of Malian women suffer from primary sterility and 10-14% has secondary infertility. The prevalence of sterility in Mali is known but little in-depth research has been done on the experiences of infertility among Malian women and how they seek help to get pregnant either from traditional medical practitioners or western / European medical practitioners. No publications have reported the psychological distress levels of infertile Malian women. This research is being conducted so that the staff gains an understanding of the cultural beliefs and practices related to primary and secondary infertility and fertility-seeking behaviors of Malian women in this region. The knowledge gained will help the staff provide optimal care to women with infertility.


PPCM is a life-threatening condition of health failure among by pregnant women.  In the United States 1 in every 3000-4000 experience PPCM.  In Haiti and Nigeria 1 in 300-400 women have PPCM.  Some women recover with medication, others require a heart transplant, and for some women, PPCM is fatal.  Most of the research on PPCM has focused on etiologies and medical treatment.  The research study in which RFH is currently collaborating focuses on the psycho-social aspects of this condition.  Previous research we have done (and published) reveals the traumatic impact PPCM has on the women who live with it.  It affects all aspects of their lives: physical, social, spiritual, and emotional / mental.  In our current mix-methods study we are measuring PTSD, depression, and Quality of Life, as well as interviewing women on decision making for subsequent pregnancies. 

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