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Organizational History

Research for Health (RFH) was incorporated in the state of Ohio in 2005 as a non profit organization. In 2009 RFH was registered as a Private Voluntary Organization (PVO) with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The founder and current president of RFH, Rosanna Hess, DNP, RN, has been a nurse for over four decades with almost 20 years in Africa as a missionary nurse, educator, and administrator.  It was life on that continent that gave her the vision to use research as a way to improve people's health and health care.  She now works with experienced research associates to fulfill RFH's mission.

Research History

International Collaboration

RFH's first collaborative research project was conducted in Mali, West Africa in 2005. Between 2005 and 2015 studies have been conducted on prenatal practices of rural Malian women, beliefs related to pregnancy and childbearing, HIV/AIDS knowledge and beliefs (fatalism), hepatitis B among pregnant Malian women, infertility and psychological distress among Malian women, periodontal disease and birth outcomes among pregnant Malian women, female genital cutting and pregnancy related complications, and predictors of comprehension of health messages on Malian roadside billboards. Annually RFH analyzes birth records, making recommendations for practice (>2000 births in 2013). RFH serves as a consultant on data collection, research study proposals, program evaluation, and report / manuscript preparation. RFH trained local research assistants.

RFH has conducted research in Gabon, Equatorial Africa in collaboration with Bongolo Hospital, Lébamba, and with VIH/ SIDA et Espoir, Libreville. Studies have focused on HIV/AIDS. RFH provided consultant services for study proposals including literature reviews, cultural and ethical issues, and manuscript preparation.

RFH has also conducted research in Guinea, West Africa for Hope Clinic, N'zao. Research topics focused on problems, diseases, and conditions related to women in their childbearing years and beyond. Issues such as primary and secondary infertility, sexually transmitted diseases, obstructed labor, and neonatal tetanus were high on the list of difficulties these women face.
RFH analyzed data for a community health survey project in Haiti. Multiple regression analysis was used to determine predictors of cases of diarrhea and cholera in over 3000 households in rural Haiti based on a surveys conducted in 2010 and 2013 by an NGO working in that country.

US-Based Studies

RFH has been involved in research with health care providers and Amish practitioners in Millersburg, Ohio. Research focused on outcomes related to the use of burns & wound ointment (B&W) burdock leaf therapy on burn-injured Amish. A participatory action research project heightened public and provider awareness of the efficacy of this treatment. RFH provided consultant services for this project which included education of team members in research ethics and data collection, as wells as collaboration on dissemination of project outcomes at podium and poster presentations, as well as manuscript preparation and submission for publication.

RFH has mentored nurse researchers during several studies on peri-partum cardiomyopathy (PPCM). Two studies have been completed on women diagnosed with PPCM and their use of online support groups. Collaboration has included proposal preparation, data collection and analysis, and manuscript preparation and submission. RFF members have co-authored two articles on PPCM, with implications for nursing practice.

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