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Grants and Funding Opportunities

Young Investigators’ Grant for Researchers in Low-Middle Resource Countries

Please read completely before proceeding to the submission form here.

Aim: To provide competitive small research grants to young investigators, in training, from low-middle resource countries

I.                    Grant applicant eligibility

a.     Applicant must be a medical/dental/nursing student, resident in training, or fellow in training who is living and receiving training in (medical/dental/nursing school or clinical residency training) in a low/middle income country (as defined by WHO). In addition, all proposed research and current healthcare work must be taking place in a low/middle income country. 

·         Priority will be for persons being trained as a clinician, in most financial need

b.      Investigator-initiated

c.       Focus of research in epidemiological, clinical, or program implementation in basic health sciences fields

d.      Grant applicant must identify research mentor with a track record in research of the particular field of interest in which the applicant is proposing the study

e.       Only one application per person every two years

     II.   Grant Application Components and Deadlines

a.       Applications must be submitted between  March 1 and 11:59 PM Eastern Time, USA, April 30.  This is the only application period each year. 

b.      Application components include: 

·         Cover letter

·         Research proposal (maximum 3000 words) which should include the following sections: Specific Aims/ Hypotheses, Scientific Rationale, Methods/Approach, Timeline

·         Letter of support from mentor and on-site supervisor (may be the same person or two different people)

·         Budget

c.       Please submit all applications electronically. 


III.              Grant Review

a.       Grant applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis

b.      Awards will be announced within 4-6 weeks of submission

c.       Proposal will be judged on its merits related to:

·         Clinical impact

·         Research methodology and feasibility

·         Innovation

·         Strength of mentorship and site support

·         Budgetary justification

d.      Grant review committee members may include members of the Board of Directors of Research For Health but must also include external members

·         Grant Review Committee members cannot be mentors of any grant applicants.

·         Applicant will not know the members of the Review Committee

IV.              Grant award

a.       Individual grants up to $3500 at the discretion of the Grant Review Committee

b.      Up to $7000 available to be awarded per year; total at the discretion of the Grant Review Committee,

c.       Funds will be dispersed in whole or over time at the discretion of the Grant Review Committee based on:

·         Financial need

·         Timing of need

·         Mid-study progress report

d.      Granted funds may be used for laboratory testing, database management, data analysis, and scientific meetings where the study will be presented.

·         Monies may not be used for salary support or travel costs. 

V.                Grant Requirements

a.       Support of an on-site research mentor for day-to-day issues

b.      Complete the research study within 2 years of award

c.       Reporting

·         An interim report must be submitted to Grant Committee at RFH at one year post grant if it has not been completed the first year

·         A final report when research project has been completed


Revised: April 12, 2016

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