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Research Publications

Hess, R.F., Gililland, J.L. & Ross, R. (submitted for publication). Fertility status and social pressure for pregnancy as predictors of depression among women in Mali Africa: A mixed methods study.

Hess, R.F. (online first 2014). Amish-initiated burn care project: Case report and lessons learned in participatory research. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, doi: 10.1177/1043659615613417

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Ross, R., Warner Stidham, A. W., Saenyakul, P., & Creswell, J. W. (2015). Intimate partner violence, emotional support, and health outcomes among Thai women: A mixed methods study. Journal of the Royal Thai Army Nurses, 16(1), 14-24. [View PDF]

Ross, R. Saenyakul, P., & Kleman, C. (2015). A path analysis of intimate partner violence, depression, and the quality of life among Thai women. Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, Neonatal Nursing: JOGNN, 44(s1), p. s57. (Proceedings of the 2015 AWHONN Convention)

Recent Selected Presentations

42nd Annual Transcultural Nursing Conference, Cincinnati, OH, October 2016, · Psychological distress among infertile women in Mali, West Africa. (Hess & Ross)

National Amish Burn Caregivers’ Meeting, August, 2016. Mt Hope, Ohio. · Burns & Wounds Ointment in Africa (Hess)

Cardiac Problems in Pregnancy Congress 2016, Las Vegas NV, February 2016. Weighing the Risk of Relapse into Cardiac Failure: Decision-Making for a Subsequent Pregnancy by Women with Peripartum Cardiomyopathy: A Qualitative Study. (Hess, Donnenwirth, & Ross)

41st Transcultural Nursing Society conference, Portland, OR, October, 2015. Development and psychometric properties of the Social Pressure for Pregnancy scale (SPPS). (Ross & Hess)

41st Transcultural Nursing Society conference, Portland, OR, October, 2015. Predictors of comprehension of health promotion messages on roadside billboards in Mali, West Africa. (Hess & Ross)

Inaugural National Amish Health Conference. Mohican Conference Center, Perrysville, OH. April, 2015. Care of Burn-Injured Amish with B&W Burdock Leaf Therapy. Pain management during dressing changes. (Hess, Hershberger, & Bear)

38th Annual Midwest Nurses Research Society Research Conference, St. Louis, MO. March, 2014. Social pressure for pregnancy and fertility status as predictors of depressive symptoms among Malian women. (Hess & Ross)

3rd Biennial Innovations in Faith-Based Nursing Conference, Indiana Wesleyan University School of Nursing and Nurses Christian Fellowship, June, 2012. Participatory Action Research among Amish of Central OH. Burn Care. (Hess, Hershberger, Bear, et al.)

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